• Muse Collection

Musenoun Definition: a source of inspiration

This is a ‘collection’ only in the sense that they are currently singular expressions which draw their inspiration from many sources. It is primarily a way for us to interpret some of what we have seen and experienced from our travels, into our furniture.

Interpretative Furniture may have been a better name for this grouping!

Many of these pieces are one-offs and may not grow into full furniture lines, but for us they are fun to design. Though each piece is functional and practical, they more engage our sense of whimsy and allow for greater artistic expression than designs which can be translated for the whole home.

For the moment we have been playing with cities we have been to as our inspiration. Whether from something really cool that we saw in a bedroom the floating headboard with built in nightstand in LA, or the organic forms used by Gaudi in the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona to the compact Paris living spaces and the need for maximum functionality.

We hope that you enjoy the Muse collection as much as we did in designing the pieces. There is more to come!


  • Do you want drawers instead of shelving, or vice versa?
  • Do you want solid doors rather than glass, or vice versa?
  • Do you prefer different hardware? We have a selection of other choices, and you are welcome to provide your own.
  • Do you want the furniture to fit with an existing piece of your own? Provide us with a drawer, or chair and we will match the stain colour.
  • Do you need holes drilled for cabling?