• Bonnie Collection

Made in BC of solid Black Walnut, with a clear finish, we named this collection Bonnie. It has earned its name because the clear finish shows of the lovely wood grain makes this series so darn attractive that we believe it is Bonnie: a Scottish description for something which is lovely or pretty.

And because with all things, there is a constant evolution, we have expanded this line to essentially be a ‘Containment Series’ as every piece is meant to hold something, whether to store, organize or display.

Organizer Stands the ideal accessory to declutter: whether by your front door for your keys and glasses, or phone, to put on your desk to hold all those pesky bits and bobs or even for the bathroom to put your essentials. The Large Organizer even has notches to hang your masks, keys, or even necklaces. Can also be wall mounted.

Trays can be used anywhere that needs a little corralling. These can help you to look super organized and stylish when you have a tray to keep work papers nice and tidy. The trays are also suitable for your makeup and accessories. You know how quickly things can go on a mysterious walk about when not penned in. And of course they can also be used for serving up delicious treats.

Wall Shelves strong enough to hold pictures, toiletries or keys and mail in a streamlined fashion. Whether mounted on a wall to create a mini gallery or placed in your entryway to hold small items these shelves bring a little natural beauty into your space.