• solid wood hanover dining room suite

    Upper Canada Dining

This furniture is made by our only ‘outside of BC’ solid wood furniture makers. Their selection of designs is absolutely outstanding with excellent craftsmanship. Additionally an ability to build in an amazing array of woods including cherry, oak, pine and several different maples with a huge array of stains and planning finishes, makes us completely enamoured of this company.

Based in Elmira Ontario, which is a largely Mennonite community in the Waterloo region, the company is family run and has been in business since 1988. We have been out to visit their facility there to ensure that we would have confidence in their pieces. It is a beautiful area with wide open fields and horse drawn buggies. Their production is astounding with great utilisation of their neighbouring artisans to complement their product. As an example the iron chains for the Shechem console are made right around the corner!