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Custom Furniture in our Clients' homes

What makes Creative Home Furnishings “Creative”?

Our furniture is made to order, which allows means that our client is able to tailor the pieces to their own tastes. Our solid wood furniture is available in many different stains, and often different sizes. Several of our own in house designs can be built to any size and can incorporate specific needs for example: Need your Tangent dining table 2” higher to accommodate a wheelchair? Want the Boxwood dresser to have fewer but deeper drawers? You like the Barcelona desk but need it longer and with a keyboard tray? We can make those adjustments with our own designs, no problem.

The sofas we carry are all made in BC, with 165 styles to choose from and hundreds of fabrics, you will definitely find what will perfectly suit your space and décor.

Service, our team is highly experienced in assisting our clientele to create their perfect space. Whether you need a hand in space planning or putting together a palette, we are here to help. Like something in our store, but not sure of it what size is needed, or which colour or fabric will best suit your decor? Bring in photos a dimensions of where you are planning to place the furniture and we can assist you with a mini-consult.

Why Go Custom?

It’s what you need

Why settle for something that will “sort of’ suit your needs when you can have something that will perfectly suit your needs? It will have the exact dimensions you need, whether it’s a smaller sofa to fit against your short wall, or a bookcase to fit in your awkward alcove. Custom furniture will have all the options you are looking for: enough drawers or cupboards to “Hide”, enough glass to “Display”, enough shelving to “Store”. Don’t spend months searching high and low, from store to store, in hopes that someone has magically anticipated your needs; just come in, tell us what you want, and get it done!

You like it’s style

If you do find a functional piece of furniture that fits in your space, do you actually like it? Quality furniture is just as much a personal expression as your clothing. It should fit your style. Do you like the design, the choice of material, the hardware, the stain finish, the general aesthetic, the quality construction, is it You?Custom can be.

It’s less expensive

Not one of the reasons you expected us to list! The reason you are considering a custom piece of furniture is because nothing else works for you. So even if you do find something approximating to what you are looking for, something is missing. More than likely in the not too distant future you’ll be going out again to buy a replacement or an additional piece you can live with. Why not get the right thing the first time and just pay for it once?

"Form and Function should be one"

Frank Lloyd Wright

Why go Custom with Us?

It’s one of our specialties

We have the ability and knowledge to guide you through the process of bringing your design ideas to life. Ensuring that the furniture fulfils your goals is our speciality. Does the door open left or right, do you need extra deep drawers to fit your storage needs? Will the shelving accommodate what you need it to? Will it enhance and complement your existing pieces?

We will also help you to choose a stain finish appropriate to your space. By using stain samples, fabric samples and Benjamin Moore paint samples to help set up a “colour palette” we can create a harmonious fit.

Our builders also review your designs to make sure that they are feasible and they will make recommendations from a structural perspective.

These custom furniture pieces are made to perfectly fit your home.

The Choices

How “Custom” are we talking about?
From minor changes to some of our regular furniture lines, to building a piece of furniture based on a picture and/or drawing that you provide.

Sources of inspiration:
It’s one thing to have an idea of a piece of furniture you want, but without having any particular design in mind, the piece can be very hard to envisage, let alone build. We are a 12,000 square foot showroom with catalogues of literally thousands of different pieces of furniture we sell. In addition we have several sets of in-house designed furniture, in particular the BoxwoodTangentChesterman and Muse Lines. The advantage to you with these designs, is that we can readily make customizations to these pieces.

Who builds it?
We use several different craftsmen to do our custom work. They each have their own style and choice of materials they work with. Your choice of furniture style, wood, finish and the quality will determine the most appropriate builder for us to use.

Condo & Eco Focus
We carry several eco focused furniture and upholstery lines which can be customized to varying degrees. With over 90% of our furniture produced locally, we fit well within the “100 mile diet” for your home. Additionally our solid wood furniture is built to last; it doesn’t arrive flat packed.

If you are looking for something to fill that “odd” small space, or can’t find an entertainment unit to fit in between your condo’s fireplace and the window, we can design the perfect piece for you. Check out our Condo Furniture Section.

The Price

We can do several types of simple customization to existing pieces of furniture without a significant impact on the price. With our in-house lines, it is relatively easy to make many types of modification. The simpler it is, the less extra time our craftsmen spend building your piece and consequently it’s less expensive.

With options to get your piece built the way you want, we can provide the most cost effective way to achieve your goal.

Customizing furniture comes in various degrees.
a) Minor modifications to our regular lines of furniture: Being able to choose different handles and stain finishes is standard on almost everything we sell. In addition many items have a choice of sizes, different woods, glass or wood doors, drawer front designs, or even the option of having felt lined drawers for your treasured pieces.

b) To adapt the dimensions and configuration of one of our pieces of furniture that we carry is something that in many cases we are able to do. It is always simpler and more cost effective to customize based on an existing piece, for instance if you like a piece you see on our website, or one of our suppliers’ sites, but need it 4″ deeper and with cupboard doors rather than drawers, let us know.

c) Building a piece of furniture based on pictures and/or drawings that you provide.

Having said this, there are a few types of custom work we generally decline. Our Craftsmen work only with solid wood, mainly pine, maple and oak, they are not carvers and most are not using CNC machines. As a result we avoid projects requiring ornate carved pieces, or furniture with small intricate designs. The furniture we make is for stand alone purposes. If you wish to have built in fixtures, we can build a custom piece for you, but we are not installers.

Together with our builders, we go to a lot of time and effort to make sure your custom piece of furniture is going to turn out how you expect. We will supply a complimentary first quote on your custom furniture, however subsequent quotes will require a deposit towards your final order.