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With a wide range of stains available to choose from, you can even get creative and mix and match colours to suit your taste. The hidden mounting brackets provide maximum flexibility in arranging the shelves and cupboards where you want and keep the focus on what you have on display. Have fun arranging with the ability to shift the configuration according to your changing needs.

“here to meet your wall storage needs”:

If you are living in a small space and need to maximize vertical storage, or prefer simply to keep the floor space clear for a more minimalist look, then the Linea is the perfect solution. For maximum versatility, this system can be personalized by the ability to build you own bookshelf. Choose from either 2’ or 3’ shelves to place on the wall mounted back board as needed. Space them out or stagger to display books, pictures or collections. If not everything needs to be displayed, then there is also a cabinet option.

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