• Vancouver Series

What’s with Queue?
Named for the quintessentially Canadian trait of lining up in an orderly fashion, whether at a bus stop, ticket counter or checkout, this series of bookcases is meant to neatly line up to fulfill your storage needs.

The latest addition to our locally designed and built solid wood furniture these are the first to be made of Poplar. Beautifully stained and finished on all sides, these units can even free stand in your room to create handy dividers to break up your space. Used singly or in multiples they can be locked together to form one large unit using a very clever wooden latching system.

These are truly meant to be able to accommodate virtually any storage needs you may have. The cases can be purchased with the standard one fixed shelf and adjustable shelves, or with adjustable shelves and built in drawers. Just to make sure that all of your storage demands are covered, there is also the option of additional adjustable shelves and adjustable drawers which can be placed pretty much anywhere in the unit.

Sounds confusing? It’s actually pretty straight forward just check out the different sizes and variations below, because it is true: a picture speaks a thousand words. All dimensions shown are within 1/4″ due to the seasonal effects on wood and the nature of handmade furniture.