• Euro Bedding

The cotton used in our Dialogue and Plethora sheets are all woven from long staple Egyptian cotton, and fabricated in Greece. Long staple cotton is recognized for the soft feel which will become even softer over time and the durability of longer thread in the yarn twist.

For those interested in more ecological bedding, we highly recommend our Linen lines. Made from flax, the growing and processing uses much less water than cotton. However the production of linen is fairly time and labour intensive, thus the higher cost.

Once harvested the flax is dampened by spreading the flax over a field, so that the softened flax fibres can be more easily separated from the straw. The fibres are then set aside for 2 to 3 months, then the short fibres are used for making rope and the long fibres are used for spinning thread to make linens.

Aside from the beautiful texture, there are many advantages to linen beddings: of all natural fibres it is one of the strongest, it is antibacterial and non-allergenic. Linen also breathes well which helps to regulate body temperature, which translates to nights of cooler sleeping in the summer and warmer in the winter.