Condo Furniture

Distinguishing characteristics of Condo Furniture

Multi Functional

Why not have an ottoman which can also serve as a coffee table, and which may even have storage, or even a sofa which has built in storage under the seats?


A premium commodity in smaller spaces, storage can be created by having a bed with built-in drawers, or an armoire made to fit tight spaces.




In order to maximize floor space, condo furniture is often not as deep as regular furniture, for example our Boxwood Condo E.T. unit is 5” shallower than our full size. If you are using a flat screen or plasma TV, and if none of the electronic components to your home theatre system exceed 12", then why bother filling your space with extra cabinetry?


Clean Lines

Visually, it "fills" the same space, it feels clean and light, not busy and fussy.

For example you have the choice of:

a) An ornate traditional oak Buffet and Hutch
b) A clean lined contemporary styled maple Server

Both take up the same space. However the maple server will seem not as heavy as the oak piece, since it has a less fussy design, and a tighter finer grain which will appear less visually ‘heavy’.



In most Condos which typically have smaller rooms and ceilings of 8’, having furniture reaching to the ceiling is not the desired aim. A full size Buffet and Hutch, or large surround entertainment unit may look great in a house with large rooms and high ceilings, however in smaller spaces they can create a claustrophobic feel. Keeping most of your furniture below a 5 ft height line will help to make your room feel lighter and more spacious. Additionally, with wall space frequently limited in a condo and natural light at a premium, blocking windows is not desirable.


How we "Do Condo"

We have our own In-House designed lines of furniture - Boxwood, Tangent, Chesterman & Muse.

Contemporary with clean lines and simplicity of design, they lend themselves perfectly to serve as Condo Furniture. As they are “Our” lines, we can do any size you want.

  • We carry many other transitional and contemporary lines for all areas of your home.

  • We do substantial Custom Work.

  • We work in a variety of woods, but Maple lends itself best to a cleaner look due to their more uniform grain. A wide variety of stain options is available.

  • Our furniture has sensibly designed storage, for instance:

    • Drawers that use all the space available, and which have full extension glides, so you can access every square inch of the drawer.

    • Underbed storage.

    • Small dining tables which can expand, offering you the flexibility to entertain larger groups when necessary. Many of our tables have self-storing leaves that store inside the table, the benefit is that they don’t use up precious closet space.

  • In addition to locally made solid wood furniture we carry a Canadian made steel line which can be all metal, or incorporated with glass or solid wood. It's lighter feel is perfect for condos.

  • Large selection of Steel & Glass Tables – 30”, 36” and 42” heights with seating to match.

  • Selection of Sofa lines, focusing on Condo Sizes.

  • Not so wide leaving more wall space

  • Lower back sofas and chairs, so as not to obscure sight lines and preserve a feeling of openness

  • Clean, contemporary designs (not your old Chesterfield)

The objective of ‘condo’ furniture is to have impact with smaller scale, and to do it with style. The goal is to maximize your square footage and functionality, not to make things look like a "miniature" version of house sized furniture. We can help you to find pieces that will meet your needs, just bring in your floor plan, descriptions or samples of your flooring and other furniture, or even just a photo of your space.