• Uchino Towels

Uchino’s brand philosophy is “to deliver comfort, happiness, and pleasant sleep to consumers around the world through quality products using our patented materials”.

In business for over 75 years, this Japanese company has focused on making towels that feel good on the skin. Their towels are indeed incredibly soft and light with the added benefit of being quick drying.

With a focus on exploring new weaving and production methods, Uchino is always looking for ways to provide an excellent user experience. The Gauze towel lines utilize long staple cotton with a terry texture on one side and gauze on the other to provide a very gentle feeling on the skin yet are very absorbent. This line is ideal for those who have sensitive skin, and babies.

Uchino’s technology also extends to creating a way to incorporate Binchotan, a type of Japanese charcoal into the yarn to create an antibacterial quality and natural colouration for the Binchotan and Rin towels.

They have also focused on how to create a towel line that uses less chemicals by developing natural dyes utilizing grape skins, coffee and tea all by-products of food manufacturing to colour the towels.