Fatboy Original Fabrics

Please be advised that these fabrics are an approximate representation only, as colours seen on the web are rarely 100% true, and different monitors will display colours differently.

We recommend you confirm your fabric choice by physically viewing a sample.

Orginal Indoor Fabrics

FBO-WhiteOriginal White

FBO-YellowOriginal Yellow


FBO-BlackOriginal Black

FBO-BlueOriginal Blue


FBO-BrownOriginal Brown

FBO-CamoGreenOriginal Camouflage Green


FBO-CamoOrangeOriginal Camouflage Orange

FBO-DPurpleOriginal Dark Purple


FBO-GrassGreenOriginal Grasee Green

FBO-LBlueOriginal Light Blue


FBO-LPinkOriginal Light Pink

FBO-LimeGreenOriginal Lime Green


FBO-OGreenOriginal Olive Green

FBO-OrangeOriginal Orange


FBO-PetrolOriginal Petrol

FBO-PinkOriginal Pink


FBO-RedOriginal Red

FBO-SandOriginal Sand


FBO-SilverOrignal Silver

FBO-TaupeOriginal Taupe